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App Design / AR Technology

Skills Acquired: UX/UI Design, AR Face Filter Technology, Illustration, Animation, After Effects, Zeplin, Sketch, Brand Collaboration, Producing


Illustrator, Photoshop, Zeplin, Sketch

VELL is a Japanese social media / camera app, focused on AR Face Filters. While working at Vell Inc. I helped make UI updates to the app, and also designed the face filters. 

Some features/updates I did:

  • Redesigned the social aspect of the app

  • Created a new sticker feature

  • Working with the engineer, I helped bring face morphing to the app. 


Some UI samples of the app


Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, JSON

​I created a variety of face filters for the app while working at VELL. Face filters were first designed using Illustrator and Photoshop, then animated using After Effects, and then coded out using JSON. 

Along with the standard face filters for the app, I worked on a variety of promotional collaborations. Clients included celebrities, artists, luxury brands, food companies, movies, etc. 

A few of these collaborations are below:

  1. ​AKB48: Japan's most famous idol group. We applied face filters on a live TV musical performance. This I believe is the first time face filters were applied on live TV.

  2. ​『打ち上げ花火』: A popular Japanese animation movie that came out in 2017. We did a promotional campaign with 2 face filters on our app.

  3. ​Tomomi Itano: A popular Japanese singer. We did a collaborative face filter with her designing her own filter. 

  4. ​Sushiro: A top Japanese sushi restaurant chain. We released a collaborative face filter on our app using their original characters. 


AKB48's management team reached out to VELL about a live TV performance and wanted to see if we could apply AR face filters on live television. This was the first time face filters were applied live on TV without post production. I was tasked to design the face filters and create the animations.We worked with the TV production team, the artist management team, and the artist themselves to make this happen. 
​Below is a short clip of the performance, taken from the backstage during the performance. 


Illustrator, Photoshop

During my last few months at Vell inc, the CEO challenged me to come up with a new social media app based on location sharing, catering towards the urban Japanese population. Before my departure I completed an entire UI Design of the app and a beta version was released on the App Store.

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